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broken fuel gauge float


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I managed to break this thing while I had my tank off. It seems kind of brittle (you know, like plastic that has been submerged in gasoline for most of its 16 years).


Anyhow, what are my options here? I see nowhere that the floats are available. I'd be hesitant to try to epoxy this one because I'd probably change the bouancy, and idk what kind of epoxy would hold up in a gasoline bath. So am I out a whole $150-$350 fuel gauge? Also, wouldn't a used one be likely to be as brittle as this one was?


Any suggestions, comments, ridicule, etc, are welcome. Thanks.


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Isn't the actual float just secured to the wire arm by a circlip.

I am sure a bike breaker will have a defective fuel sender unit you could rob the float and clip from.

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Afternoon Drakas


Try you local BMW dealer to see if they have an old fuel pump pass through that you can rob one off of. (or try E-Bay)


That ISN'T the float for your dash fuel gauge, that float you broke is ONLY for the low fuel light, so you could just wire (or zip tie) the float arm UP the live without the low fuel light.

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