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Computer woes.

MT Wallet

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I have an issue with my computer. I downloaded PCMatic and decided I didn't like it. I was getting blocked from the normal web sites like this one and I was getting a lot of just white screens. So I let them know I wasn't satisfied and I deleted the program or so I thought. Now every time I start the computer they put a window in the middle of my screen extolling the advantages of their product and giving a tab to repurchase it. I still have PCMatic listed in "My programs" but when I go to uninstall the computer says it isn't there. When I attempt to open a picture in my e-mail a window pops up telling me to restart my computer to complete the install of PCNitro, another of their products. I've done this only for the sake of deleting it and it isn't there. I've done the delete cookies etc. now 3-4 times.


Does any one have a solution to eliminate this *%*$##@@ program?

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I don't have any personal knowledge with your problem. I did do a search on Pcmatic removal and came up with several solutions that may work.

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John Ranalletta

Did you create a setpoint prior to installing pcmatic? If so, revert to it.


If not, back up your registry using "regedit" in the cmd window. Search for all instances of "pcmatic" in the registry and delete. If you torch your registry, you can copy in the backup.


As always, YMMV make a backup of your files beforehand.

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Guest Kakugo

PCMatic is considered a PUP by most if not worse.


It's really hard to get rid of all the junk it keeps on downloading on your PC, even after you disinstalled it.

You may want to try a combination of a good malware removal tool, like Malwarebytes, and a good register cleaner, like Eusing.

Both are free and work reasonably well.

But... prepare for the worst, meaning you may have to format your hard disk and reinstall everything you have on there right now to get it running again.


Sorry to break the bad news, but someone had to do it.


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The free home version of Malwarebytes has saved our computers several times. It should clear things up, as long as it regards PCmatic as malware.


Another safe utility that might help is from Microsoft. Autoruns will list all the programs that run at start-up, and let you disable them.


If the program persists, just do a Google search on "PCmatic removal". Programs that are as nasty as that have probably frustrated others and someone will have posted an answer. You will find lots of solutions, avoid the ones that want you to download their software. You will eventually find a couple sites that provide similar answers that correct the problem.


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You might also try installing a program called Revo Uninstaller - it removes hidden files that programs bury in the Registry as well and is much better than the usual windows uninstall programs thing.



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