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Oetiker part numbers


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I would like to use the Oetiker clamps on my 2002 R1150RT. I like the sanitary looks of these clamps. I have the narrow pinch tool suggested in a similar post. What I would like is the Oetiker part numbers and where they go. As we all know the BMW prices are crazy. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Mostly I was looking for fuel pump and fuel line sizes. Also the vent hoses. Is there anywhere else where they are used? I can't think of anywhere else at the moment. Thanks!

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Afternoon ks kurmudgeon


My BMW parts book shows 13.1-15.3 on the pump hose clamps so maybe you can find a vendor & size them that way.


My parts book also shows the screw type FI clamps as 12-13.5mm so that probably tells us that the 13.1-15.3mm are in the ball park.


It also shows the smaller (vent line) clamps as 5.5-8mm.

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