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Twisted Throttle Denali DR1 vs Clearwater?


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webbikeworld.com has a writeup on the Denali DR1's and DR4's(which I have on my GSA) and some comparison to the Clearwaters.


I like my DR4's due to the combination beam and I bought them for a screaming great deal.Otherwise I might have gone with the Clearwater Krista's,because they integrate so well with the BMW controls,are super high quality and provide great light output.


The Denali quality is great too,well built,well thought out system and a bargain compared to Clearwater prices.


webbikeworld even shows a system allowing for some dimming of Denali lights using an aftermarket controller,not as nice as Clearwater,but functional.


If you want the best and very elegant solution,go with Clearwater.If you want good lighting for a better price,consider the Denali's.



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