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Sena 20s echo

DR  Major

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Is it your voice or hers that echoes? Or both? I know on the SMH10 there is a feature called sidetone. Much the same as speaking on a telephone, your voice is heard through the earpiece so you can modulate your speaking volume. You should be able to turn it off.

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Just got word from SENA tech support..



Sorry for the delay.

If there is an echo, you will need to disable SIDETONE from the configuration menu setting.


Different bikes, devices, and applications are going to output different levels of sounds and volumes.

As for volume there is only one way on the Sena to adjust volume.


You can easily adjust the volume by rotating the Jog Dial. You will hear

a beep when the volume reaches the maximum or minimum level. The

volume is set and maintained independently at different levels for

each audio source even when you reboot the headset. For example,

once you set the volume for mobile phone handsfree, it will not change

even if you adjust the volume for your Bluetooth MP3 music. However,

if you adjust the volume during stand-by mode, it will affect volume

levels of every audio source.


You can try to adjust the volume as well from the Garmin 660.


Thanks and have a wonderful day!


Sena Technologies Inc. Support Team


> So, as I read this, if using the Garmin 660 and I set the volume to "5" and when talking with wife I set her to "7"- it will "mix" that ratio....???

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