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New member just saying "hi"


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Hi, new member here.

I really appreciate this forum, I actually read posts and followed some recommendations from other inquiries, before i joined, thanks for this forum.

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Welcome! Always glad to have a new contributor.


"Contributor", you may ask? You bet. Everyone brings something' to the table... or the asylum.


Fill out your profile so we know a little bit more about ya, and be sure to join in any events or activities you see going on.

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Welcome Dman! :wave: Gut feeling says it's Dan? :grin:


The great thing about this group is that everyone is willing to help out another member to the best of their abilities. The help comes many different ways and that's what it's all about, simple as that. :clap:

Hang out for a while and experience it, it's neat! :thumbsup:


And post pictures! :rofl:





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Welcome Dman. Ask away, and when you've absorbed some of the collective knowledge, share it with the next new member. It's all about passing it downstream.

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