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R1100RT '99 Neutral Light


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Hi, this problem has probably been discussed here before but I hope someone can help.


On occasion the Neutral Light will not come on, event though the bike is in Neutral and the Gear Position Indicator shows "0". This means the bike won't start. It has been suggested that simply pulling in clutch will start the bike, but this does not work. Whatever switch is in the clutch also seems fautly. If the green light is not one, the bike will not start.


How easy is this to fix? I don't really want to dismantle half the bike.


Any ideas?

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Afternoon Shotline


Short answer is to just cut the two wires going to the L/H clutch switch & hook them together (that will allow it to start in any gear but will also allow it to be started in gear without pulling the clutch in)


The long answer is: to install a new clutch switch then remove the trans neutral switch & either clean it out & clean internal contacts or replace the neutral switch.


Unfortunately that trans neutral switch is a real pain to access & remove. Not rocket science but a pain none the less.

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As DR said, cutting the wires to the clutch switch and wiring them together fixes the problem, takes ten minutes, and is free. Almost unheard-of in BMW land.

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