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Permanent Mount Gerbings Dual Controller Question


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I scored a permanent mount Gerbings Dual Controller for the Wethead at a bargain price. This is the unit (though I purchased at the dealer which was running a sale):




All of these years, I've used the non-fixed type controllers, plugged into a cable which connects directly to the battery. Usually, this cable has a 15-20A fuse.


Something like this GBG.CXPP.Gerbings.battery.harness.without.clamps8050.jpg


And I've always plugged my battery tender into the same cable when the bike was parked for extended periods. My question now is: Can I plug the tender into one of the two outlets on the permanent controller?



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Morning MKL


I sure wouldn't, backdriving the electronics probably isn't a good idea.


I would just add a separate cable & socket like you have pictured.

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That's what I expected. The cable goes back through the controller on the permanent mount schematic (which I dug out AFTER I posted - doh!) so I totally agree with you as usual. OK thanks!



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