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04 r1150rt : Left side horn out


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Howdy. One of my horns has gone quiet. The left side (driver's side) trumpet has quit sounding, so I'm figuring it's blown its last toot.


Does anyone know if the left is the high or the low note? I can't tell from listening. I could just remove it and look, but I can't get to it until this weekend, and with the slow speed of USPS, I'd like to find a good used one and get it on the way here sooner rather than later.


Thanks again for your help!

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Swapping the wires may fix your problem... My one (and only) horn on my R1100RT quit on me this year. I would usually use my horn once a year during the state safety inspection. I pulled the wires off to check the ground and power, both were okay. So, I pulled off the horn, cleaned off the terminals and sprayed them with electric contact cleaner. Tested it off the bike on an old battery - worked great. Put it all back on and it's working fine. Now I try to exercise the horn every month or so just to keep everything moving.

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I had this problem twice when I had my RT. Both times it was water in the horn; probably after enthusiastic hosing while cleaning.

If it is the same issue as mine, remove the horn, drain it and dry it, test it.

It's worth a try before looking at circuit problems or spending money.

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as a hijack, my horn died yesterday morning. (2004 R1150RT).


I diagnosed the problem to the horn relay.


Does anyone know the p/n?


It's not clear on the parts fiche (MaxBMW).





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It's item # 2 in the Relays diagram. Part number 61366902041 - this is a new part number. You should have four identical relays in yours, part number ending in 412 (old part). Seems like an error in the latest diagram, they indicate only 1 relay when there are four.


Added: The old part number is, 61361393412. I would try to get that one. The new relay is described as a "Make Contact" relay; the old part number is described as "no contact". I don't know why the difference or if they imply the same function, but it leaves me confused.


Very unusual for the horn relay to fail - it's used so infrequently. Did you try swapping it with one of the other identical relays?

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Make contact implies that when it is energized the contact makes or closes. NO contact implies that the contact is normally open and makes when the relay is energized. Same thing.

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