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What would you replace after 142000km


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This winter I'm going to doing some work on my 1997 R1100RT.

I bought this bike 3 years ago with 111000 km and now it has 142000km. I have no idea what maintenance has been done.


I want your opinions on what I should all replace.


I will be replacing:

all the brake lines

Spark plugs

synchronize the throttle bodies

change a all the oils


What else?



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Tricky subject... Some off the top of my head for consideration:


Alternator belt. Hall sensor. Fuel, air, oil filters. Fuel lines. Clutch. Brake pads. Shocks.


Don't forget to rotate your tires. :-)

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I would also consider looking for a lightly used driveshaft. those have been known to fail at the 100,000 mile mark. You may want to replace your pivot pins while you're in there.

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When you say fuel lines, do you mean the ones in the tank or do you mean all of them? And is it important to use lines from BMW?


Better, more complete answers are in the link posted above. I only mentioned it because my fuel line split a short while ago (inside the tank), at about 65K miles.


My local guy just put in some Gates hose he had on hand. Oddly enough, it sorta melted in there, and popped off the fitting after a month or so. I looked it up, and sure enough, it was top quality hose, rated for everything under the sun (I don't remember). Sounded right to me. I suspect the problem was that it wasn't rated to be submerged. So he replaced it with something else that he likely got from NAPA. No problems since. Anyway, if I had it to do over, and it wasn't too inconvenient to get the BMW part, I think I'd go that way.

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