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After market wireless back up camera for Tundra


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Online reviews for any one unit are all over the place.


Anyone here installed one on a pickup? Were you satisfied?


Need to put one on the Tundra to assist in hitching up the boat.


TIA for info. :thumbsup:

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I have installed a few, I believe the prices of the units were about $80.00 on sale. Peak was one brand, I forgot the other make. The aftermarket ones lasts about three years. The receiver/ display lasts but the camera which is out in the elements are not water proof, just water resistant... code word I guess for anticipating junk status. If the manufacturers offered replacement cameras I wouldn't mind but, they don't as far as I know. It seems that water or vapor from heat and cold contracts the joints and seals fail and allow it short out the electronics in the camera. The resulting tell tale is water droplets on the inside camera lens. I would like to somehow retrofit a security camera but I am unsure of the electronics wire up between the transmitter, camera and power supply. NAPA offers a few different makes at reasonable prices and sometimes can find them on sale. With my next one, I would look as close as possible and inspect the joints,perhaps put a dab of silicone around it or fabricate an outer housing for it for more protection. I really like to either repair or get a new unit as I am more concerned of the big blind spot factor behind the tailgate which is a bit dangerous while backing up..

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Switch Hitch



That little Swift Hitch is pretty neat. I could use one of those. Nicol loves helping me hitch the boat up. :dopeslap:


Been there, done that. Not a pretty picture for sure.


It's so easy with the camera on the van. First try, every time. If I hadn't used one before, I wouldn't be wanting one on the truck as we did it for years w/o one.

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Hey Bud. I've put a wired backup camera on my pickup. The camera was Tao Electronics and I wired it directly to my Pioneer stereo's screen. It turns our automatically when I put it in reverse because I wired it to the backup lights.

I've got a camper too, so I wanted a wireless camera for that, but the general consensus among campers and Rv's is that wired is way better and reliable. Apparently your phone's bluetooth is among many things that interfere with the signal.

I bought one from Costco and was happy with the quality.



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