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Steering Damper


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I noticed a slight film of oil on the steering damper shaft and just wondering if I should consider replacing it. The bike is new to me so I have no point of reference but was curious if the damper is there to help with the pull to the right phenomenon since that's something that I'm still trying to get used to. Or it's there to help with the overall steering when hitting bumps, etc. I have no complaints about the steering but would prefer less PTTR if a new damper could help in that area. Thanks.

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Morning kalali


The steering dampener is just that, a dampener, not a spring loaded counter force. It simply dampens out fork oscillations.


Removing it, installing a new one, or adding different one will have absolutely no effect on PTTR.


The PTTR is due to the chassis weight offset right of center. (more transmission gear & shaft weight, as well as drive shaft weight, right of chassis centerline)


Put some weight on the L/H side or just ignore the PTTR.


Some have removed the rear wheel spacer & that can help slightly (watch wheel speed sensor contact & for rear brake drag if you try that) but you can't move the wheel over far enough to do a lot of good.


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