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Rear break effort


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What is a normal amount of effort to apply on the rear brake while slowing down? It seems like a considerable amount of effort compared to R1150RT I owned previously.


Anyone with the same?

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Evening profbodryak


A fair amount more as the rear on the hexhead is a manual brake & the rear pedal on the 1150RT applied both front & rear brakes using a power servo.


No way to tell if yours is normal from here though.

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Thanks for the info dirtrider. Just noticing differences now. Noticed while coming out of the Whole Foods garage and waiting on the light to turn green while on a very steep incline.


Also, as many other RT riders, I have a habit of not downshifting into the first gear until close to a stop. When I do this, I can hear a mildly audible knocking noise from the right side of the engine that goes away when at a complete stop. Rocker arm?


I checked the oil level and with engine hot and the bike on the center stand the level is about 2-3mm below the center dot in the oil sight glass. Add oil? Have valves/rocker arms readjusted?

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Add oil? Have valves/rocker arms readjusted?


Morning profbodryak


First thing is try to identify the noise & EXACTLY where it is coming from.


Your oil level is just slightly low but well within operating range. (careful as they overfill very fast)


Probably wouldn't hurt to do a good valve adjustment check & a rocker arm side play check just to start out with a known base line.

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Is a special tool needed to open the oil cap? It sits too tightly on there. Looked under the seat but didn't see the tool set.


Evening profbodryak


Yes, a special tool is needed , but if you are careful you can probably use the side of your ignition key. (don't break the key)

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