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2004 r1150rt


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hi all just bought an oil head I love the bike but a little disappointed by engine surge in 6th gear between 3500 and 4000 rpm, no throttle response, below 3500 rpm no problem good acceleration smooth running, can I get some help in resolving my issue. I am an aircraft mechanic and enjoy working on toys I like to find a couple of riders with the same bike to help each other in diy maintenance.

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Hi and welcome vahid.

Do a FULL service. (including air filter, spark plugs, valve gaps, throttle body balance. Ensure the Big Brass Screws on the throttle bodies are clean along with the cross drillings (the BBS won't be having an effect where you are seeing a problem, but it will help give you a good baseline for all future work).


Now, your problem sounds a bit like a stick coil gone down.

The problem is, they don't normally die totally, so testing them is almost impossible. The only surefire method is by substitution.

Do you know anyone with an 1150 or 1200RT that will let you pop their stick coils on? Otherwise, it is a case of buying a replacement set and trying them out.

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Valve adjustment and throttle body sync did it for me when I bought my 02 RT. I don't think previous owner ever did it. Made huge difference for me. Wish that were my only problem now. :cry:

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I like to find a couple of riders with the same bike to help each other in diy maintenance.


More likely to happen if you update your profile / signature to say where you are.



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thanks guys haven't had time to do any maintenance yet, I rode it to night and it sure feels like it wants to go in to a limp mode its perfect right until you go passed 3500 rpm it appears the ecu is not letting it, but if I drive it hard I can go right thru that power range and when I get to around 4500 and hold it gradually decelerates at 3800 to 4000 if you try to add power it studiers.

thanks for all the inputs I will keep posting.

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Morning vahid


I have to agree with Andy, it does sound a bit like you might have a stick coil issue.


The RPM where your engine is going soggy is right where the stick coils are needed most.


Either that or you might have a fuel flow issue in your mid range.


Does your bike still have the OEM CCP in it????? If not then install one or at least use jumper wires to produce one.


No good way to test the stick coils as the secondary windings are floating so no usable resistance test. You can kind of yea/neigh for a bad stick coil by seeing if it will spark across a 3/16"+ gap (the bigger the gap that it will spark across the better)-- This won't always tell you that you have a bad stick coil but could possibly point to a bad coil.


If it were a bike I was working on the first thing I would do is substitute in 2 (known good) stick coils then ride it.


If the stick coils didn't help then I would run a fuel-return flow test--no return fuel flowing means either a pump issue, or a leaking hose in the tank (common issue), or plugging filter or plugging pick up sock.


Another thing to look for is the R/H lower spark plug wire contacting the R/H throttle body cam as it moves to part throttle (doesn't really fit your problem exactly but something to verify anyhow)

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hello guys, just undressed the bike took the spark plugs out and noticed a brown wire with a round terminal loose all by itself it appears to belong to the bottom of the left tb can some one please confirm that

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