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Mirror attachment


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My used, for me, '09 RT came with a gap at the rh mirror body and fairing. The stud at that point doesn't make contact. I've used silicon sealant on the socket and squish the ball in place, for 3 years to hold that mirror but a recent fly off at 65 mph (it is teathered), says time for another approach.


At the Salida UN we met someone using rare earth magnets to hold mirrors on. These magnets can be bought with predrilled holds in the middle, and of different diameters, thicknesses, and strengths. Has anyone used these? How do they attach to where the existing balls and sockets are located?


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Morning upfisk


I really can't say what your problem is without seeing it but--


My personal 09 1200RT had the R/H mirror not staying tight on one ball stud so I removed the stud & added a small washer under the ball stud head (that spaced the ball out a little farther so the mirror spring clip would snap ALL the way over it)

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