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Starter Spinning


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A couple of times this weekend, I press the starter button and the starter spun but didn't engage. Repeated attempts finally engaged and started the engine.


No issues with the battery. It's fully charged.


I recently had the starter apart for a cleaning and lube but with 77k (2004 RT), maybe it's time for a Starter Drive or some other part I'm not aware of?








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Evening Rick


Without seeing how the inside of your starter looks it is difficult to tell much but it sounds like either a starter drive or your current drive has thickened lube in it (I presume you were in the Thumb this weekend) cold up there was it?


How does it start on warmer mornings? If OK except for this weekend then probably just a junked up starter drive.


I guess at 77K & I was taking the starter out I would just go ahead & replace the starter drive & clean the starter innards up.

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hey D.R., thanks for the reply.


I just had the starter cleaned and lubed with light grease and it was spinning just fine. Yes, noticed it during the cool weather on the Thumb Run at Port Austin. Good turn out this year and one of our members even made venison chili.


I'm going to pull the starter out and go through it again, probably replace the starter drive as a matter of course.


Hoping to maybe see you at our club's Annual Fall Color Tour next month?



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