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Where should this hose go?

Kerry in Mpls

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I had the nose of the bike off and noticed a hose that seems like it should be connected to something, but I'm not sure. The hose is about ten inches long and is connected at one end at the top-center of what I think is the charcoal filter unit. The other end isn't connected to anything. That end is very slightly expanded like it could have been on a fitting or coupler at one time, or maybe not. I've looked around the vicinity that the hose could reach and don't see anything obvious that it should be connected to.


See picture - I pulled the hose out to show it in the photo, but when I found it, it was tucked under the bodywork pointing mostly to the rear of the bike.



(edit - changed photo)

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Afternoon Kerry


The picture doesn't show enough to be sure but it looks like the hose that attaches to the fuel tank roll-over valve.


There is a vapor vent hose that comes out of the right front fuel tank top (maybe 6-8" long, then there is plastic barbed connector, then (I believe) that hose you show hooks the other end of that barbed connector.


If your bike has cruise control then that hose sort of follows the cruise cable that runs under the tank.


(IF), that hose coming out of the tank is still somewhat in place then you should be able to reconnect the hose you show without removing any plastic, or removing the tank.

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We have a winner! I can see now that the coupler is supposed to sit in a clip and support both hoses. The "front" hose had apparently come off of the coupler, and the coupler had popped out of its clip, and it and the "back" hose were hanging straight down. I couldn't find it until you gave me a hint where to look - had to remove the right side plastic after all, no biggie.


(edit/correction: the clip supports the "back" hose, not the coupler)







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