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On the road again.


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Stayed at a Holiday Inn Express outside of Zion National Park last night. Gonna see some canyons this trip. One couple on a HD here. Asked if it was hot when riding. "Like sitting facing a hair dryer on HI all the time"


Only 106 for a high yesterday driving from Lost Wages to here.


But it is a "dry heat"! :grin:

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Please stay hydrated! That is the real killer out there.


But do enjoy your travels it is beautiful country. I wish I could be out there riding. The humidity on the East Coast is rather thick this week.

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Home again!


Have to say the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon was the highlight of the trip.


We did leave Zion before the flash flooding. Very sad to hear of lives lost there. Signs everywhere warning about the possibility of flash floods. The park is trying very hard to remind people of the dangers involved.

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