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Tire for long wear ?


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Looking for tires soon , what has given you good mileage with moderate riding not that aggressive . I figure any good tire is gonna have the traction. With a trip I find most riding is on middle of tire and tends to wear leaving sides of tire w/ lots of tread . When I get there I can even them up some but... Have a Mich. on front and a Dunlop rear. Just got the bike , I didn't do that . Appreciate any advice , Sid

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I've had good luck with Metzler Z6s in the past, and have heard similar reports from the more current Z8 model - up to 14000 on a set for me. Currently running Pilot Roads with about 10000 that still look good.

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My latest find has been the Avon Storm 3D X-M. On my 2008 RT I got 11000 miles on them and they were not completely to the wear bars when I removed them. Sticky when wet....quiet riding. I changed them due to an upcoming trip with the same tire.



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OK, here is my $.02's worth. It's Michelin for my '11 RT. I got 13,900 on a rear PR3. I then went with a PR4 GT rear and got 16,000 on it with tread left...replaced only because I had a long trip too. You can't complain about that kind of mileage from a motorcycle tire. Of course with 3/32nds less on the front tire new you get fewer miles...but Michelin for me. "Your mileage may vary."

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I've always liked Avon tires but for the last few years have been running Michelin "PR 3/4/4gt tires. I'm (apparently) almost singularly under-impressed with the PR4 GT's.


So I started researching alternatives, beginning with the Avon's.


I found this ad on Motorcycle SuperStore while researching the Avon 3D X-M tire:




Notice the last line under "Product Information":


15,000 Mile treadwear warranty on all Avon Cobra and Storm 3D X-M tires


Under the heading of "probably too good to be true" I called Motorcycle SuperStore & asked. After several minutes on hold their Rep. came back on the line & stated that was indeed the manufacturer's policy, subject to verification. Asking how to prove it he said the tire(s) are returned to them & they in turn send on it to Avon.


Not knowing any particular's beyond what is stated here and for no other reason then I have never seen a tire/thread warranty as "generous" as this appears to be I decided to share.


Truth be told, I've never seen 15k out of a rear tire!


So there you are; thought it worth posting.

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