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2006 RT-------cursed myself


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Despite having done 9 or 10 of the routine maintenance operations preceding today...I managed to strip a couple of cylinder head cover bolts $&(:;;?!!.



I suppose I will cart it over to the dealer for an insert/helicoil operation before I F?!;$ it up again.



Of course, the valves didn't need any adjustment anyway. I have backed off to every 10k service on this bike. It's funny, the cylinder head cover bolts seemed snugger than usual coming off (I was the last one in there). I use a torque wrench every time.




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Been there, done that. I, too, stripped a cylinder head cover bolt... on my '96 R1100RT. Like you, I had always used a torque wrench.


Repaired it with a helicoil, and it was fine. Sold it with 186K miles, and it remained good.

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Too late to fix anything for the current problem, but for future... do you use anti-seize compound? If bits of metal start fusing to the threads, they can do damage on the way out - which makes stripping them more likely on the way in.


If something seems harder to remove, that is evidence that it is brining extra material up through the threads. Tap it with a hammer a few times to see if you can dislodge the extra material.


Covers don't need to be overly tight - they only retain non-pressurized oil. I've always used the "calibrated-hand" method for simple parts like this.

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