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R1150 GS Stuck in 5th Gear in Boise ID

Jim Moore

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Hi Guys,





A buddy of mine is broken down in Boise ID with the transmission in his 2000 R1150GS stuck in 5th gear. Shifter moves but it has no effect. He says the linkages are moving freely. Any ideas? It sounds expensive to me.


Edit to add: 47,000 miles. No transmission problems to date.



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Afternoon Jim


2 things come to mind (a BMW service bulletin on both)


First is :the little shift lever on the trans stub shaft has come loose & worked it's way out on the shaft.(this should have shift pedal moving easily & feeling loose just no internal gear change)


second is: the trans internal selector shaft is jammed up & not moving. There was a BMW bulletin on this & about the only way to free it up is to take trans apart.

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It can still be ridden..had to ride the K100 all the way home (aprx 700mi) in 5th when the tranny was "stuck in 5th" (actually the main shaft broke just ahead of the 5th gear gear when one of the roller bearings failed)..the tranny had 97,350 on it.


Was "lucky" to say the least...yet it got me home...tank to tank..minimal stops..

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Same thing happened to me on '75 R75/6 in '77. It was a broken shift detent spring. I don't know if it applies to your friends bike, but either way the tranny has to come out.

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Jim, when he tries to shift, does the lever return to center on it's own, or does it stay in either the up or down position? If it doesn't return to center, it's a broken spring. If it does, it's likely a broken shifting fork.

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