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2005 vs 2011 non ESA rear shock


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HI guys,


I have a 2011 1200rt with a truly knackered (non ESA) rear shock which I am considering replacing with an old (but serviceable) 2005 rear shock taken off my previous rt at 50,000 miles.


Does anyone know for sure whether these two shocks are interchangeable? They sure look it.





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I have no idea, but you could always check the parts catalogue and compare part numbers for the two shocks (and model years) in question. That said, I suppose it's possible that, even if they did not have the same part number, they might still be interchangeable.

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All RT shocks from 2005 to 2013 are physically interchangeable except perhaps factory low-suspension spec models (not sure about those).

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Morning Richard


The lengths are probably pretty close. The dampening is probably slightly different but that isn't usually a big deal.


Just be sure the springs are close to the same load & rate-- Are the springs the same color?

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Look up the part number at realoem.com , click on the hyperlinked part number, and you will get a list of other models using the same part:



Spring strut, rear


Weight:4.750 kg




33537715843 (10/30/2008 — 11/04/2011), Exchangeable retrospectively

33537675104 (01/01/2005 — 02/26/2009)

Part 33537729295 was found on the following vehicles:

K26 (R 900 RT, R 1200 RT)   (11/2003 — 06/2014)


Though I suspect that at 50K, that used shock is mostly used up, too.

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Thanks for your responses guys - I value your opinions. Still not sure whether to reuse the old one or find someone to overhaul/re-gas it.

The funny thing about the failure of my rear shock was that is was largely contributed to by me replacing the seized paralever arm bearing - which restored full articulation to the swing arm. I reckon that this combined with a 'sprited' tour of France was the death knell for the poor old shock! LOL





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