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3 hours and 180 miles later......

Chal De Cecco

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Chal De Cecco

1st ride on the new RS only to confirm that the seat is simply not up to speed on this bike. The profile is fine but the seat materials are way too soft and the seat is too narrow for anyone over 175 pounds. It's the same with my Japanese and now German bikes Sport Touring bikes.


Heading down to the Corbin factory for a one day drive in/drive out fitting and seat construction session. Replacing the stock foam with Corbin seat material and reshaping the seat for more side support. Nothing worse than slow burning pressure pain in the buttocks to ruin one's ride.


What is nice is that the seat is shaped to you . Staff cuts the seat to your specs after one or two test rides. Then it goes to upholstery for the cover. $450-$550 covers the work at their shop in Hollister, Ca.

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Matthew Miller

Same problem on my 2001 BMW R1100RL. The seat just does not work for me. I am getting a Russell Day Long in February. Wish I could do the same in 1 day but I live on the east coast.

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Got a Russell on my '93 RS and love it. Looks a bit like a Barcalounger on an RS but I can't see it when I'm on it going down the road and I care less what others say about how it looks.

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Those of us with Russell Day-Long Saddles don't worry about the looks. As we say, "It's the most beautiful thing my butt has ever seen."


Glad the Corbin worked out for you. There are many solutions out there, all of them better than the perch for a 5-11, 170-lbs "Perfect Male" that the Germans design their seats for.

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They won't actually replace the foam, you'll get a whole new seat.

They aren't able to use your seat pan as the heat created from the 2 part injected foam would warp the plastic seat pan.

That's the reason Corbin's are heavy, they use fiberglass pans.

They don't show a seat on the website for your bike so it's either a very new mold or they will do a custom build.

A custom is where they tape off your bike and actually lay chopped glass on the seat mounting area. After the glass cures, they pop it off trim it, and add the liquid foam after making a basic mold out of paper and tape. They mount the tabs and bumpers along the way.

Lots of trimming and shaping later, you'll get your custom seat.


Be sure the seat is level and take your time on the test ride to make sure the height is correct for you.

I suggest avoiding real leather as it stays slippery and won't last as long as the vynils .

Be sure there are no sharp edges anywhere on the seat before they cover it. All edges should be smooth and rounded as the foam can be shaped like wood.

They will ship your stock seat home if you can't carry it. This can take several weeks, but not to worry, they won't lose it.

I've sold Corbin's while working at a couple dealerships for about 20 years and have had 6 or 7 done for my own bikes.

If you know what you want in a seat, it's a bargain.

The Cafe there serves good food too!




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1st ride on the new RS only to confirm that the seat is simply not up to speed on this bike.


Unlike every other BMW bike. :rofl:


Japanese bikes are worse. I've had bikes where the seat made me want to jump off the bike after 20 minutes.

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I just had Corbin recover one of their leather seats on a bike I bought with a vinyl grabber cover. Thier leather gets slick as snot and I was sliding on the tank in even moderate braking.

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