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This is another one of those


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posts where one board member gushes about another board member.


Thanks Bud.

Details are secondary to the spirit and intent of one person helping out another board member just to help.

I'm on record of promising to buy his first rounds at all subsequent get togethers we are at.


Since the beneficiary will be my pillion and best friend,

Beth sends her heartfelt thanks also.

Thank you sir.


This board has impacted my life for many years, in many ways, with many different members.

I (we) are grateful and look forward to another 13 years of friends and visitors.

We've had 5 members stay here at one time and 3 or 4 multiple times.

All have been memorable, fun, and we can't wait for next time.

Best wishes.

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Wow, Beth is getting a GS? ;):grin: Bud, is short for buddy! :thumbsup:


Kidding about the GS, I think! :D I suspect he has a very good feeling for the assistance, whatever it may have been. :clap:




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Wow, Beth is getting a GS? ;):grin:




Obviously, whatever it is, that's great. Having met all three of these folks, I can say I'm rather lucky too. :thumbsup:

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Thanks Tim.


My life has been the example of "What goes round, comes round."


I'm trying to continue to pay it forward.


And today, I got a call from a sailboat owner near Tallahassee telling me we can come on down and buy the boat we for which we have been looking.


Leaving in the early AM!


Could put the GS on the trailer if you want to buy it. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Special price for BMWST members, just like the deal I got when it became mine. :wave:

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Hey Tim,


It was a hurry down, hurry back kind of trip.


We drove straight thru from Nashville to Quincy, FL in one loooooong day. Got up, went to Shell Point, near Crawfordville, bought the boat, they hit the road back home.


Sorry we didn't have time to visit.


Will send you a PM the next time we head back down later this year.




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Dang, Quincy 20 mi west.

Shell Point is close.

Let us know.

BTW, package arrived.

Many thanks from Beth as she'll be FARTing on it.


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What goes round, comes round.


Received a pleasant surprise in the mailbox today from Tallahassee, FL. :grin:


Thank you Beth and Tim. :wave::clap:


While you all are FARTing on Friday, I will be getting my vision cleared up. You all have fun, ride well and we will see you somewhere down the road.



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