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Transmission/Throttle Body Swap Question..


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I'm the proud owner of two 1150RT's.. one was going to be a parts bike. I have been working on the transmission on one, replacing the input spline, fixing things, etc. Now, the other bike that runs better (has better compression, etc) has developed a nasty noise in the transmission -- running the bike up to speed I get this ratcheting noise in the transmission. On the center stand, revving the engine up, and then cutting the engine yields a growling, noise in the transmission..


Ok, so here's my question. swapping transmissions? they're the same model of bike, so is there any issue with doing that? Swapping throttle bodies from one bike to the other (I did Dan Cata's throttle body repair on the non-running bike) I suspect not, but maybe some of you have insight on this that I might not have... thanks in advance!!

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