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Fork seals

MT Wallet

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I have a leaking fork seal. I remember a posting here where someone told an inquiring poster a short cut to fixing it without all the disassembly specified in the repair manuals. Can someone point me to that posting?

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Afternoon MT Wallet


As long as a large quantity of fork oil hasn't been pushed out then you can most times stop the leaking without taking the forks apart.


First, put the bike on the center stand to extend the forks, then pry the top (dust excluder) seals up & slide them up the fork tubes, then use something like WD-40 to clean the fork tubes, then use a little WD-40 & a piece of old 35mm film strip to work down around the lower seals to clean the dirt & old soap out (best you can).


Next, use that 35mm film strip or very thin feeler gauge to hold the seal lip slightly away from the fork tube & work as much automatic transmission seal conditioner (or power steering seal conditioner) (trans/PS seal) in & around the seal lips as possible.


Next, lower the bike onto the side stand then try to work that very thin feeler gauge or a narrow piece of film strip down between the seal lips & fork tube (this lets the trapped air out & neutralizes the inside pressure).


Next, slide the dust excluder seals back down & seat them.


Then, using something to hold the dust excluder seal lips out a little drip a little transmission seal conditioner down past the seal lips.


Then ride the bike & at every end-of-ride use a rag to wipe the slider tubes clean & wipe off the excess transmission seal conditioner.


It a lot of cases this will stop the seal leakage at least until tire replacement & more times than not stop the seal leakage for a long/long time.

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