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1993 k75S


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My son just purchased a 93 K75s, after riding it for 2 days it died on him while riding around town, it will turn over and is full of gas, when testing it had no spark or injector pulse. we replaced the Hall Effect Sensor (Crank Sensor) and now have spark but no injector pulse.


We have purchased a Maintenance Manual but are at a loss as to where to go now, we live around 2 hours away from the nearest BMW dealer and do not have anyone with BMW experience in the area. My son loves this bike and I am trying to get it back up and running so he can enjoy it, any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!



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Dennis Andress

Take the computer out and check inside for moisture. There's a seal around the connector. If that seal is bad, or the connector isn't fully seated, The computer will get wet inside. I fixed one once simply by disassembling it and rinsing the circuit board with contact cleaner.

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