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R1200RT LC - Additional Mirrors?


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I have a 2015 RT and want to add additional mirrors like I had on my 2001 and 2008 RTs. But the new bikes do not have the convenient hole in the switchgear for a RGS/KGT type mirrors that the older bikes had.


I know the 2010 RTs had a BMW addition mirror solution but the only one I have found for the 2015 bikes is from Wunderlich and it does not work. The problem with the Wunderlich mirror solution is that it does not work on the left hand side if you have the BME OEM LED additional headlights (because the adaptor cannot be fitted because BMW have used that spot for the LED's switch) and it also fails on the right hand side because the mirror arm blocks the view of the original right hand side mirror or it does if you are 6'4" and have the Ilium Works bar backs fitted!


So, has anyone found a way to add addition mirrors to a 2015RT other than the Wunderlich method??

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I used the Wunderlich mounts and mirrors. Pricey but straight forward addition.

Pricey - Yes.

Straight forward to fit - Yes.


But they did not work for me (see my original post)!!


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There is an alternative to the Wunderlich clamps/mirrors. BMW makes something which is called a "pipe clamp" which replaces a part on the RT. It's intended for the GSA and maybe GS, but fits just fine on the RT. Here is the part #: 32 72 8 532 971, and it's priced at about $38.


For mirrors, there are two BMW alternatives, GS (round) mirrors and GSA (angular) mirrors. Both will fit into the "pipe clamps." I have the GSA version at home waiting to be installed. I'm told that they will not impact the windshield at full lock on either side. We'll see...

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I have the barbacks. My adapter replaces the bracket holding the grips to the handle bar don't see how that would interfere.http://www.wunderlichamerica.com/motorcycle/R1200RTLC-M/21211102.html

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Here are the parts you need....they are from the GS micro fiche....the left side clamp has the threaded hole for your switch.

OEM #32728534366, left side clamp

OEM #32728532971, right side clamp


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Thanks for all the replies I have now ordered the GS "pipe clamps" and mirrors. I will let you know how I get on.


I have that set up on my 14. I used the angular GS mirrors. No issues with the windshield, I have a larger Cee Bailey.

Very happy with the outcome

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Dave Stephens
Thanks for all the replies I have now ordered the GS "pipe clamps" and mirrors. I will let you know how I get on.


Can you post a picture of your new set up? I assume you're happy with your solution? I have a 2015 RT and wish to add mirrors as well and would like options to the Wunderlich mirrors.


Thanks so much

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Actually I am still fiddling about with my set up! The GS mirrors are fine but block the OEM RT mirrors which is not what I wanted (extra mirrors rather than replacement ones).


Looking at the GS mirror set up, all it needs is to lift the mirrors up about 2" to 3" so looking on-line I found that Hornig do something:-




and I placed an order. But the curve means that it is a bit fiddly getting the aux mirrors to miss the screen, not obscure the OEM ones and still give a good view! Anyway almost there but if I could find a simple straight extension stem I am sure it would be perfect.

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