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Kinda froggy out tonight...

Joe Frickin' Friday

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Joe Frickin' Friday

Good rainstorm this afternoon and evening. Tonight the frogs came out. Our front porch lights are on, which brings in the bugs...and the bugs bring in the frogs.


Four on the window above the door:





One on the wall below the light:





One above the doorbell:





and one on the pillar, givin' me the stink-eye:



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Joe Frickin' Friday
Time to get out the shop vac again?




My only complaint about the frogs is that they tend to pee down the window, but this is only noticeable right after I've cleaned it. By the time we've had a few windy rainstorms, you can't tell frog pee stains from rain stains.


Masako got startled once when she opened the door, and one that had been sitting on the outside handle jumped onto her hand. :grin:


Other than that, they don't sting en masse like yellowjackets do, and they're helping to keep the bug population down, so I tend to let them be.

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Guest Kakugo

At least you are dealing with frogs that stay outside your house.


In the last couple years or so we are dealing with a dormice problem.

Yes, they may be cute to behold, but they are becoming bolder and bolder, so much they have no problem entering your house and looking for a nice place for a nap or to spend the Winter.


Differently from mice and rats, dormice don't carry diseases and won't eat human food but they still need to relieve themselves and, here's the worst part, they drive dogs wild with their smell.

My "neighbor" even had a Little Owl enter her house to hunt dormice. It took my brother and I thirty minutes to capture and free the bird.


Just this morning I saw something in the bathroom which, at first, took for a large moth resting above a door. Then I saw a furry tail. Thankfully the dogs were outside in the garden, otherwise it would have turned nasty very quick...

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