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Anyone replaced the rubber buffers/bumpers on the bottom of the 49L top cas


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Wondering if they are just glued on and can be pryed off with a screwdriver and replaced with a new set.


These are the 4 bumpers on underside of case and bumpers on latching claws when locking case down on rear rack.


This a topcase from 2005-2009.


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I bought a 2008 R1200RT and the top case was loose. I found that two of the "rubber rests" were missing.


I ordered replacements and used 3M 03602 Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive to glue them to the case.



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Thanks Scoops.


I believe that's the problem. Checked the two front "claws" on the case that go into the rear rack first and it appears both rubber bumpers are missing. This should tighten everything up after replacing them. A $10 dollar fix from BMW parts list.


Appreciate the reply.


BTW....re: your avatar pic. I have the same pic with my bike when I went to WV. Great spot.


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