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Winter Storage Fluid Questions


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Having picked up the RT a little late in the year am already planning on my yearly storage ritual for the bikes/4-wheelers etc.


So question for you smart folks before I get everything in line. Engine oil figure pretty much any SF, SG or SH rated oil will work?


Final drive/transmission call for Hypoid 90W. Well all I can find in BMW branded are 75W140 or 80W90. Am assuming 80W90 would be preferable? Also, can I assume any Hypoid 90W (or80w90) will work?


Lastly how many crush washers and what sizes will I need? Have read some posts that state that the drain plug for the trans doesn't need one?

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Think I found the answers for the washer, could someone confirm?


Oil plug drain is a 252.


Finals drive washers and trans drain are a 200.


Trans fill is a 300.

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For your 2000 R1100RT:


SG rated 20W50 oil.


Final drive and transmission, use a GL5, 80W90 Hypoid gear oil. Castrol changed the name of their Hypoid gear oil, now it's call something like Axle limited slip 80W90 - but it's the same gear oil product.


Crush washers:

Oil drain, 252

Transmission, one each, 200 and 300

Final Drive, two 200 washers.

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