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Lake Tahoe anyone?


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Havasu Dave and I are planning a little ride up to Lake Tahoe. We plan on leaving SoCal on Monday, September 21 and either riding all the way to Tahoe or stop somewhere for the night. We are planning two nights in Tahoe so that might be Monday and Tuesday or Tuesday and Wednesday. We plan on doing some local riding and just kinda bumming around. September is the best time to hit the lake as the weather is usually spectacular and the summer crowds are gone. Let me know if you are interested in joining us.

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Danny caddyshack Noonan

It is somewhat low. Rode up for breakfast Saturday morning.

Can't get to my online photos at work. I'd estimate down 7or 8 feet from peak based on where I was launching my boat around 2000 or so. You can walk out a couple hundred yards at the first beach on 50 (former public ramp). Tahoe Queen has run aground at least once.....maybe twice.

However, it is still Tahoe!

Mormon Emigrant Trail is a good ride but be careful hooning on it due to tickets. Enforcement is rare but the urge is strong.

Might escape from work and meet you up there.

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Bump Bump. Havasu Dave and I will be leaving on Monday the 21st and will tour the WW2 Intern camp Manznar. Then on to to Bishop for the night. Tahoe on Tuesday staying in Kings Beach. Prolly lakeside for the rest of the day. Wednesday will find us heading north on Hwy 89 returning to Tahoe for the night. Bonsai run home on Thursday. Anyone is welcome. Except EDDDDDDD. He has funny colored bikes.

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