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My bike got knocked over


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My, 2004 r1150rt got knocked over in parking lot yesterday, Enginge case has a nice scrape on in, right side mirror has a been scraped down to undercoat, some scrapes on engine guard and plug protector, and scraped up bar end on handle bar. There are some minor scrapes on back box that was lying on the ground next to bike when I got found it.



Thankfully the person left me her name, and number, She said she would pay for damage, but once she hears price tag of repair, I fear she will bark at this.


I have not reported this to my insurance company, and she has not given me her insurance information, yet, but I fear that me trying to be a "nice guy" could backfire on me.


Just looking for some advice,

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I had a similar thing happen to my 91 K100LT about 12 years ago. The person that knocked it over came and found me in the restaurant where I was eating. She did not want her insurance to handle it and was going to write me a check after I got an estimate. If I remember correctly the estimate was about $2000. She couldn't believe that it could cost that much to fix a "motorcycle". It was an honest estimate. I had her call the shop about the estimate to verify it. The shop explained to her that if it's bent, scratched, dent or broke that it got replaced, not repaired. I eventually had to threaten her with turning it over to my insurance company and let them sue her before she wrote me the check. I hope you have better luck.

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Happened to my 81 RT last fall. Lady gave me her info including Ins company. It was handled with no problem. As advised anything

"bent, scratched, dent or broke" was paid for.


Get her info ASAP and remind her she left the scene of an accident. Get the police involved if you have to.


It's her ins company's duty to pay for.

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When I had a minor fender bender the lady at fault clearly wasn't well off financially. We didn't turn it in to insurance and she settled up a few days later in cash.


I took the nice guy approach and only charged her actual cost on parts that had to be replaced, repaired those that could be repaired, and did all the labor myself.


Good karma is going to come in handy....... someday..... not too soon I hope..... :)



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I did something similar when I got rear-ended by a teenager. I was OK, just sore. Bike had some cosmetic damage, broken rear signal and suchlike, as well as needing to check the frame alignment. I put together a shopping list from bikebandit.com and my shop, went over it with her and her father, we settled with cash and a handshake... and a promise to enroll her in the Basic course. "Even if she never rides again, it'll make her a much better driver and far more aware of other riders." No need to involve insurance on either side.

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Thanks so much for everyones help.

Update: the lady seems nice, etc, she called me back right away, after my text to her, just so I had a record of it, but she said most she would like to pay is $500 :D She said she would give me cash/check today. I told her it's a BMW, a decal is $500!!

I emailed her links to all the parts and costs.

Well the mirror is $335 and the case is $230 and engine guard, etc is $150 or so, I will see what happens, I did tell her I would do the work myself, etc, because if I bought the bike into a shop, they would point out the damage scrapes to the top box etc, and the bill would be $2000.


I want to be nice,and do believe in the whole karma thing, but my past experience, things can go wrong if things aren't taken care of right away. I plan to get everything i writing today, or I will be off the police, hope that doesn't happen


Thanks again

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seems like you're trying to be nice but the bottom line is, she caused the damage and is responsible. Yes, its commendable that she took ownership and that needs to be factored in....to a point.


Years ago, my '93RT got knocked over and the gentleman left a note with ins. information. I called and thanked him for his honesty and it was taken care of.


There are good people still left in the world.



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I suggest you at least call your insurance company and let them know of the incident and see what they have to say. In my case I had a witness that gave me his information. He told me after the lady that knocked over my bike left that it looked like she would have left the scene if it had not been for him being there.


PS. You may not be able to get the painted parts that match your bike for one as old as your bike. In that case factor in the paint shop.

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I have a driving school and deal with stuff like this more often than I'd like to. (I know what you're thinking, but in reality it's almost always a case of someone - someone licensed who should know how to drive :) - hitting one of our cars while it's parked with no one in it.) Our official policy is to let our insurance handle everything because it just keeps it easier to track. On a couple of occassions I have been nice, like you want to be here, and it's gone ok BUT my strong, strong advice to you is to get her insurance information now in case she decides she doesn't want to pay. It will be much harder to get info out of her once she decides she doesn't want to play nice.

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Before you call your insurance company, here are a few things to remember.


You most likely have a deductible on your insurance policy. So, if it cost $700, and you have a $500 deductible, you will get a check for $200. And, remember that insurance companies cost out parts at a cheaper rate then the dealer.


Most insurance companies will raise your rates to get the money back for small claims.


Calling your insurance company to find out information can cause problems. I did this once, and they filed the claim anyway. Even when I asked them not to do this. My rates went up for 5 years, and I never even got a check.


If she will pay $500, I would take it. You can find the mirrors for half that amount on ebay. I am sure you can find the cover cheaper too. It is a 11 year old bike, so getting brand new parts really isn't that important.


For small claims I never file a claim with my insurance company. I rather take my lumps in the front side. I don't know what insurance you have or how it works where you live. But, this might be something to think about.

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We'll just a update. Everyone told me to get her insurance info I just wanted to nice BUT everyone was RIGHT, I gave her the list of parts I needed, she said "I just tapped your bike" no you knocked it over., then he said I think I will file a claim for it.

It was just a waste of time being nice,


We'll now I have to bring it into a shop. Any suggestions about type of shop I should bring it. There is only one BMW dealer in my town not crazy about them. I live in san francisco, there are some other shops that said they could also do the insurance work. Her insurance is AAA and they Said I could bring to any place I wanted to.


Once thank you for all the advice

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If it were me, unless I really didn't like them, I'd take it to the local BMW shop - but if you have a shop that you like locally other than the dealer that said they could do the work....well, any reason not to go to them?

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PS - I'm sure lots of others can chime in with better/more recent advice, but what about San Jose? I've only been there a couple of times, but they treated me really well both times even though once I was just window shopping and the other time I made an appt for an oil change during a trip and ended up needing tires (got me taken care of in about two hours total even though they were clearly quite busy).


Also, sorry our skepticism was vindicated instead of your niceness. Bummer.

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When my bike was knocked over I spoke to the dealer about an estimate and was told it would cost about 3 shops hours of labor and the bike would remain until the bill was paid.

I declined and did my own estimate using Max BMW's parts fiche.


The insurance adjuster and I worked it out with me doing the labor which he paid me to do. I didnt want the bike totaled.

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If you're comfortable doing the work yourself see if the insurance company will write you a check. They will want an estimate from a shop.

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Take it to a BMW dealer.

They will (or should) know the ins and outs to avoid a shock later (like a bent subframe).

Not your fault this happened, it's hers.


Get itemized estimate. Include your deductible (you can negotiate this later). Remember, her fault.


If she wavers, call 5-0 , get an accident report, take her to small claims court.


Regardless of age of bike, you deserve to be made whole again.


Once you have the check (for BMW replacement parts not cheap Chinese knock offs that wll bite you at trade or resale) you can determine how to spend the money.


Again, her fault. You have no obligation to try to do things cheap or less than optimal.


Is that what she would let you do to fix her car?

Don't think so.


Be nice, be firm. You have the law on your side.

Make sure you get all info you can, name, vehicle. tag, driver license number (take a photo w/your phone), current address, anything to ID and find her.


I had this happen In Cedar Key years ago. Fortunately about 60 other BMW riders there with us for the event and they witnessed the event and sort of kept the driver around while the cops came over.

My rates did not go up.

I got a check from his insurance (she has insurance for this, her problem, they'll pay you).


Best wishes.

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If her insurance company tries to lowball you on the repairs don't cash the check. Your insurance will pay you the estimate minus your deductible. After they get the money back from her insurance company they will give you your deductible back. It may take up to a year to get it back but you will. I've done this before when my truck got hit and their insurance told me I had to accept replacement parts and I told them they hit a Ford bumper so I wanted a Ford bumper. My insurance pays for OEM parts so I let my insurance handle it. I got my deductible back in about a year.

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Update: it seems things are just going bad. Took bike too Bmw dealer, Every little nick or mark he put into estimate, and since painted parts and not around any more, there is still a estimate for painting to come.


BMW's estimate without paint, $2858!! They want to replace entire side panel, because of a mark the size of a penny. So now the insurance company wants to total my bike, and give me some money and a Salvaged title :mad:


The insurance company tells me also, it will take a week before the will have any sort of numbers, to offer for me.


Very upset, hate having a salvage title

Don't really know all the insurance company games they are playing, seems like they change rules hourly.


Not too sure I should follow up on this.

1. Wait for offer then haggle with them?


As always appreciated any words of wisdom..





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Btw I first contacted my insurance company, they said they didn't need to do anything right now, if the other company will take care of repair.

But now since they will total my bike should I contact them.

Does a salvage title effect insurance rates? etc?



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I would look at the itemized estimate and start taking things off that your ok with. For instance the entire side panel with the mark on it.

My 81 R100RT estimate was for quite a bit more then your $2858. and the bike wasnt "totaled" My bike has over 165K on it. I never met the guy that worked with me only had email and phone contact. They paid for damage and it is up to me to live with it or correct it.


I did my own estimate with a print out of part numbers and prices and told him I would be doing all the labor minus any paint work.

Talk to the adjuster.

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