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Privateer Part-out R1100RT


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I thought it might be interesting to chronicle my parting-out experience since many of these older bikes are getting to the point that some repairs are hard to justify financially.


I have never parted out a bike before, but I did work as a dismantler in a Datsun Z specialty shop a loooonng time ago.


The back story is that I bought a damaged bike for cheap, thinking I might repair it, but the more I looked, I decided to part it out and see if I could parlay that money into a newer bike in even better condition.


Here's the starting point:




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Having owned a 1996 R100RT for many years, I was already pretty familiar with the bike. However, it was really interesting to rip into it this deeply and see exactly what I had been riding. It took me about 16 hours to strip it to this point.




Thanks to this forum, my research on some tricky disassembly areas was quick - and I didn't get stuck for too long.


I used this project as an excuse to buy a used motorcycle lift that I found on Craigslist. Wow - what a difference. It's so nice to be able to raise and lower the bike and work on everything at whatever height I want. And it will not take any room in the garage, because I'll just park a bike on it when not in use. I like tools.... :grin:


As for the financial stuff - I had a PayPal and eBay account, but have never used it to sell anything. just opened a new bank account to keep things separate and need to figure out how to work the rest. Once I've sold enough parts to call it "done" I'll post some details and compare it to my time spent.

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Little update on the project - Been busy with work and life in general, and haven't got around to any real advertising, other than one local Craigslist post and the notice in my footer on this forum. But I did make my first PayPal sale; it was good to get that figured out - it really was quite easy. Now I need to figure out how to become an e-bay seller (probably also easy).


Interestingly, based on my Craigslist ad, I was contacted by a professional dismantler who offered me more than I paid (but not a lot more) to come pick up everything. I said no, partly because I'm curious about how this is going to play out. If he can make money on it, that's a good sign for me.


I was curious about which parts would go first, and what sort of stuff is likely to end up in a big pile of leftovers. The quick-hits were:


Corbin Seat (Craigslist)

Triangle side panels (member)

Hall Effect Sensor (member)

Luggage frame and racks (member FireKit per above)

ABS pump (several inquiries, but pending pickup from Craigslist)

Headlight (inquiry from member this morning)

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Other parts that are in high demand:


Front wheel rim

Valve covers

Mirror/Turn signal pods

Left and right footpeg mount plates


Brake discs (if in good condition)


Throttlemeister (from the pic)

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Hey Tim, as mentioned, I got the seat I purchased from you installed; the Corbins take a bit of fiddling to make them fit, and I still haven't had a chance to put any miles in the new saddle. Planning a 3-400 mile trip in a few weeks so will be interested to see how I feel at the end of day.

The Moto Techniques brake pedal enlarger was a simple matter of sliding it over the existing pedal and tightening the set screw. As I'm becoming more acquainted with the bike (and the series), I realize I should have acquired the HES from you as a spare.

I have an HID kit from Retro Solutions to install, and am waiting on a couple of Fiamm horns to do at the same time when I pull the tupperware.

Not much into farkles, but like to improve the machine. Great dealing with you!

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Matthew Miller

Do you still have a front wheel for sale? if so how much do you want for it. I have a friend in Scranton Pa who just killed his front wheel in a pothole. My email is matt@hatcitymartialarts.com


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Thought I'd add an update and found several posts here that I hadn't seen. Still being new to this forum, I had not figured out some of the techniques - but now I've added this topic to a watch list so will be notified of posts. Messages have been working, though.


Anyway - here's the "story" so far:


I have managed to sell $2,000 worth of parts - to members here and locals via Craigslist. Haven't got around to listing things on e-bay yet. Still have loads of stuff and I think I can probably sell another $2,000 before determining that I have a pile of junk leftover.


It was cool to be able to get that front wheel out and help a fellow motorcyclist get back on the road.


Last night I was able to get the front brake lines to a guy who had a failure yesterday and needs to use his bike today.


Shipping to Canada, unfortunately, didn't work out so well as the headlight broke in transit. I refunded to the buyer and am still waiting on the USPS insurance payment.... tedious...


Summary so far - I've learned a lot about the bike, which will come in really handy if I get another of the same model. I got to meet some cool people. It's been a little bit profitable. It's not in the way too much, because I have a camping trailer for temp storage. From a financial perspective, the saying about the parts being worth more than the bike is true - especially if the bike needs several repairs.


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Just curious, what went wrong with the bike that made you want to part it out? Cam chain rails?


I bought it in non-operational condition, due to a clutch hub and input spline failure. I first thought I would fix it up.


The more I looked, the more small stuff I saw wrong with it: frayed cables, worn rotors, cracked footpeg plate (that bears weight of side case), I could go on... So, I figured I could sell the parts, get my money back and enough more to get a better condition bike with lower miles (this one had been down on both sides - at low speed on left and standing drop on right).

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Welcome to the forum jmann. This thread is intended to be about the experience of doing a part-out. Ads and commercial activity are supposed to be in the Classifieds section, where I have placed an ad - and why my signature suggests sending private messages to inquire.


For your convenience, here is a link to the ad: http://bmwsporttouring.com/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=945033#Post945033


BTW - the cases are long gone.



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understand thanks


It's all good. I'm pretty new here too - and still figuring out the rules of this forum and how to get (and add) the most value. I participate on a few forums and every one is a little different.


There are fewer rules on the Moto Guzzi (Italian) forum than here on the BMW (German) forum. Somehow this seems to fit the stereotypical differences between the German and Italian cultures...


FWIW, sometimes the Guzzisti call BMWs "Guzzis with saggy tits." I think Freud would say the Guzzisti are struggling with some maternal transferences.

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A member asked me, via private message, how to remove the lock from the glove box door. Having been stumped myself at first, I decided to give it another go. Thought I share it here in case it's helpful to anyone else.




The pin, which goes through the plastic part and the metal shaft from the lock, needs to be removed first. It is not a tube, it's a "C" in cross-section. I lubed it, then failed with various push or pull methods. Finally, I was able to get a drill bit to lock into the channel and push it out a bit. Then it came the rest of the way out with pliers. Then the black plastic part comes off the metal and viola - it's out. The pin can be tapped back in to reinstall.

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This is BRILLIANT! Thanks! I've been carrying the old key around with me because I couldn't figure out how to change the cylinder.

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Thanks to many members - and some locals via Craigslist - I've been able to build up the "play" account to point of being able to get a 1992 K75s. It was a fly-and-ride that I was able to coordinate with a business trip to San Francisco area. The bike is a bit rough cosmetically, but only had 43,000 miles and looks good from a suitable distance. I did about 800 miles getting home - via Sacramento and a Southern Sierra Nevada pass.


Pics below in order during today's 370 mile ride:










Mountains, desert, ocean - California is great place to have a motorcycle.







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I just bought an 1100R just to experience the boxer motor but I have very soft spot for the K75s engines. There is an Alpine white '93 with ABS and only 8500 original miles for sale in my area and I'm having heck of a time convincing myself I don't need to have it.

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buy it before it is gone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having 2 bikes. I bought a 98 1100, love it, and then ran across a good deal on a 2002 1150 thinking I would sell the 1100. Changed my mind and have both!!

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You need it. I missed a really nice white K75s a few months ago, because I couldn't get to it in time. I offered full asking price on the phone, and the guy said "first in-person cash offer." It was 400 miles from me...


I got this blue one for a lot less than the white one (which was perfect). This one needs some TLC - but it's solid and complete. ABS doesn't work, but I don't care about that - it's either a no-money, easy fix or it gets removed to save about 30 pounds. I'm sort of leaning toward removal and new brake lines.


Of the K75 series, only the S has good suspension and rear disc brake. Subjectively, I think it's also the only good-looking K75. I also like the look of the K100RS.


Supposedly, the K75s is becoming a little bit collectible. It's an unusual bike that defies being categorized. How many "flat, inline triples" are there? I'm not aware of any others. The K75s may be a category unto itself.


She rode nicely already, and I am looking forward to the improvements from new tires, tune-up, etc.


Wow, two practically identical BMWs... that's crazy... oh, wait, I have two practically identical Moto Guzzis... that's crazy...

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