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Sena @0s and BMW Nav 5


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On my 2015 RT, I'm trying to set up my nav 5 to listen to directions and play music to my sena 20s. I tried setting it up with a blue toothed headset and it worked but when I pair it to my Sena 20s and push the music button on the nav5 it tells me it needs a A2DP headset. I don't know how to get over this, has anyone here had that issue?

Thanks in advance


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Yes I have...


The best and maybe only solution short of buying a different headset is to invest the $10 bucks and buy a 16GB thumb drive.


Load it up with your mp3's and plug it in... the right hand glove box. Forget trying to play music from the Nav 5.



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Dave, the trick is to press the pairing button on the 20s, and within a couple of seconds of the LEDs start flashing, press the jog wheel to do a stereo pairing.


I think you can only do one stereo pairing at a time. I pair mine to the bike and use a USB stick for my media. That's because BMW Australia are a bunch of tightarses, and only include a 2Gb card which: 1. Can't hold much music, and 2. Cannot be exchanged for a larger card because the AU maps are licenced only on that card.

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Panhandle Chuck
Thanks guys

i'll give it a shot tonight, I do not have a usb port since I didn't get the BMW audio option



Without the audio option you may want to try this pairing option with music on phone. Not sure with the NAV V, but I'd try it.


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Wait... no Audio system?


That changes everything.


A2DP pairing on my SMH10 set is one of three pairing methods. If your manual does not clarify I suggest calling Sena. You can get a straight answer on IF, then another on HOW.


Good luck. Let us hear how it goes.

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