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Transmission oil seal replacement question..


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do you need the BMW tools to replace the oil seals in the transmisson housing? the Clymer manual says to take it to a dealer to install to depth.


alternatives? and what are the depths? or can I just eyeball it flush with the case housing.

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Morning FireKit


Seals can be installed with common seal drivers or even PVC pipe homemade drivers.


You just have to watch the installed position-- SO- before removing the OEM seals pay CLOSE attention to their depth position & measure their original position.


Then just drive new seals in to that same depth.


Output seal is usually driven in flush with case, front goes back to same depth that it came out.


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and you do or don't put a little oil on them?


I've had competing explanations about this from various people I've talked to.. some say no light oil on the seal as it goes in.. you don't want it gathering grit and dust which then works it's way under the seal and degrades it.


Other side, is yes, you want a little bit of oil to install, so that the shafts spin easily inside the seal...



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