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Kudo's to Aerostitch


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I've ridden with 'stich for a number of years and was always happy with their gear. A bit on the pricey side I realize, but comfortable and fully waterproof, but you don't realize how important customer service is until you actually *need* it.


So on the trip recently the tab on bottom zipper of my Aerostich AD1 pants broke off from the zipper part. The part that the tab itself attached to, so there was no way to attach any tab to the slider.


"Crap" I thought... "The zipper is going to have to be replaced." which I actually knew Aerostich would do for me. So for 2 days I just manhandled the slider up and down until I got home.


So I emailed Aerostich when I got home to see what the cost would be to replace the zipper and how long it would take.


This is the email I got back


Thank you for your inquiry. What I would recommend is that your order the Zipper Slider Repair Kit # 387. This would allow you to just replace the slider on the pants. When you order the kit it will come with the slider and replacement stoppers.


I would recommend doing this for a quicker option for you. If you send them to us it would take 2-3 weeks before we would be able to repair the zipper.


yada yada


I ordered the #387 repair kit for 6 bucks.. Not only did I replace the bad slider but looking at the one on the other side, I noticed it wasn't long before the same thing would happen, so I replaced that one as well. Total job was about 20 minutes and it's as good as new



How can you not like this gear??


(disclosure - While my brother-in-law knows Andy the owner, I'm in NO way related to anyone at Aerostich, nor does that affect my opinion, but I'm just a happy customer)

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I noticed that there are no reviews on the stich page, perhaps you could do the same there for future customers other than here. I am sure it would be appreciated by many.

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I live in Northern Minnesota which can be helpful when one needs a repair. I took my pants in that were bought in 96 a few years ago and have been worn about 150,000 miles when a zipper went toast. A few teeth said good-by. I took the pants in and was told it would be a couple of weeks for the repair. I took the pants in on a Saturday. They called the next Monday to tell be they were fixed. Love the place and the people. If ever in Duluth you should stop in if you like their stuff. Still using those pants and they are still water proof.

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