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R1150 Intake pushrod length?


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2004 R1150RS, 93K mi No mechanical issues since new (stick coil replacement only at 43K). Top end sounded out-of character noisy, valve adjustment check found the #1 intakes (both of 'em) with excessive clearance. These have been extremely stable for the duration, so I pulled the pushrod to check. One of the buttons was loose as per the Chris Harris video. Everything else looks fine.


I can't find any published spec for the overall length of these. Does anyone know?


Thanks in advance

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Clive Liddell

Hi Clem,


Welcome to the Board!


Just scaling it from a picture of the pushrods next to the 15mm cylinder head nuts I make them about 45mm long (including the buttons both ends).


Note: I am relying on memory that the CH Nuts are 15mm... Anyway just work on 3 times the nut size :>)

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I don't know the spec, however, I would think you don't need it -- assuming you'll be replacing the loose-tipped one, when you receive the one-piece replacement you'll be able to measure directly.

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Thanks, all. I have seen references for "collapsed pushrod" and fully expected to see a drastic difference, along with accordian-like folds in the failed unit. Not so. I pulled the adjacent(exhaust) pushrod and noted only a .3mm difference (47.38 vs 47.08mm) between the two. Off to the dealer....

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