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3rd BMW, New Member


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Greetings -


I'm new to this forum, long-time motorcyclist. Also a member of V11LeMans, CafeHusky, and WildGuzzi under the same user name. I do the majority of my own repairs/maintenance/modifications.


Had two BMWs before, Euro-spec 1981 R100CS (wouldn't mind finding her again), and 1996 R1100RT. Had both bikes a long time (but not at the same time). Currently obsessed with a pair of Moto Guzzi V11 sports - a Scura and a LeMans.


So - thinking about some longer trips with more stuff than is convenient on the Guzzis, I found a bargain 2000 R1100RT with a blown up drivetrain. I think it might be the splines and gears between transmission and driveshaft.


I have not assessed the damage yet (just hauled it home two days ago). I think plan A is: fix and ride a while. And I think plan B is: part out for profit and then go shopping again for something that works.


Please feel free to offer opinions, links to relevant threads on this forum (regarding plan A or plan B), sarcastic and humorous remarks, etc.


Here's the bike (which has been down at low-speed on the left):





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Thanks EffBee. Inquiries off to Gridlock via e-mail and forum.


umm... nearly 15,000 posts... that is some dedication. It's lot of work to maintain a forum like this. Thanks for that too.

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Well, I'm not qualified to offer any adult supervision.


As for cost effective - nothings a "no-brainer" but I can probably get my money back just by selling the 2 very nice seats, side cases, and the like-new (200 miles) rear tire.


The previous owner starting parting it out, but sold only the top case and windshield before I got it.


We'll just see what the BMW "fortune cookie" reads when I break her in half to look at the driveline.


One of the guys at my office wants to learn to wrench - so if the fortune cookie says: "You will soon be selling greasy parts to strangers via the internet", he wants to help disassemble, just to learn. Free labor.


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