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R1150RT-P Resurrection


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Not 100% sure if y'all do this here but I bought an 02 R1150rtp and was planning a thread to document it's resurrection to keep all of my questions, answers and cursing in one place. Is it cool with y'all? Thanks in advance. Will

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Welcome to the site. This is a good spot for your resurrection thread. Maybe post an intro in Motorcycle Talk and let us know who you are and how you got that RTP.



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Sooooo best friend owns an indy shop, primarily Harleys but we do woek on older metrics, mainly CBs. I was riding a Suzuki Boulevard 1400 and hated it. Talked a lot about missing sport tourers and how I dreamed of a Beemer. Texts me a pic of a nice looking R1150rtp. Man, I ain't got that money. "You got $500???" Ummm yeah? So we go to pick it up. He and I have been all over the world for Uncle Sugar, we're nof afraid of much. We pull up and we're nervous, these guys think the cast of Deliverance are city folk. We load up and as we leave we're both are like "holyyyy !*#&, there's probably someone chained up in that trailer." No obvious problems other than cracked tupperware from mishandling and the fuel injectors are gone. "Yeah, we ain't gettin no gas or spark. " I guess for $300 I can't go wrong. Get it to the shop and toss a charged battery in it, computer fires up, lights and signals work, the heated grips and windscreen operate properly. I figure we've worked with worse. I'll post pics in the next installment.

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... these guys think the cast of Deliverance are city folk.

Now that's funny. Looking forward to the rest of the story.

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I've got two 2004RTP's, hope I can help you!


Ummmmm got a pdf service manual or at least an explanation of the controls? Lol

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As promised here are some pictures....


Bike as it looks when we rolled it into the shop and blew the leaves and stuff out of the nooks and crannies.





The PO said "it ain't getting no gas!!!" so they of course tried to rebuild them there fuel injectors... urgh the injectors were at their buddie's shop. Wasn't about to go there, this was bad enough. Not an expert but pretty sure all those wires only connected to one side and the crumbling hoses are a sure sign of at least one issue....





Ordered fuel pump assembly off of fleabay. Looks mucho bettero





Ordered fuel injectors (fleabay), submersible fuel line (maxbmw) cheapest I could find, bolt kit (desmotos?)


Have pump installed, new lines, injectors installed. Checked the side stand switch, good. Grounded out the spark plug, spark is present. Put some fuel in and sprayed fuel everywhere lol Forgot to tighten the clamps at the motronic connections.


Took a lot of cursing to get the fuel pump assembly gasket to stay, I used some grease and a dental pick to pull everything into place. Think the proper combination of profanity was what I needed.


Thanks for answering my questions about the fuel injector install. Pretty sure I was doing it right but I've never worked on a fuel injected bike.


Sooooo now I have to tighten and double check all clamps. See if it'll crank. Have some cracks in the tupperware to fix. Shinko 009s are ordered.


Well that's where I'm at with this beast. Big thumbs up to Firekit for the manual pdf's.


Thanks for listening.

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Removed the hugemongous rack system... looks sportier after the rackectomy. Gotta get some of the black plumbing glue. Polished the windscreen by hand, cleared up a lot, buddy is bringing his power polishing thing to the shop.

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Bike cranked right up after replacing fuel pump and injectors. Some white smoke coming from exhaust gasket areas. Letting bike warm up then doing a fluid change.

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