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Center Stand Dolly woes.


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I just purchased a Redline Center-Stand Dolly for my '05 R1150RT because of some favorable reviews from others on its merits.




I immediately had issues with it and decided to return the unit, but met with some mild resistance from the gentleman at Redline of the "it's no longer new" variety. To be fair, he agreed to email information on returning the unit, should I so decide but encouraged me to "keep trying" to see if I could make it work. Here's the issue as I see it: My bike, when on the center stand, sits with the rear tire on the ground while the bike he shows in his video ( a V-star, i believe) sits with the front tire on the ground, allowing him to steer the bike as he casters it around. I have a great deal of difficulty getting the wheels to change direction due to the weight of the bike and this is complicated with the rear tire (even in neutral) being the weighted end. Has anybody used one of these successfully? What are the tricks for success?

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I've not used one of these center stands, but looked into getting one. I find the 1150RT to be pretty well balanced? It does tend to "sit" on the back wheel with the 3 cases on it. But only by a few pounds. And with the cases off, it sits on the front wheel. So, can't you just lift the down end and spin it around?

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Spinning isn't really the problem. It's moving it around, like to move it sideways to the side of the garage. I actually tipped the bike over trying to move it by myself - fortunately minimal damage. I'll try removing the bags and seeing if that helps.

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Ok, I've improved things a little by removing the bags - although it's not something I'd want to do on a regular basis. It definitely works better with the back wheel up in terms of turning it from side to side, but if I have to push it forward, the center stand retracts just as easily as it does sitting on the floor. I'm wondering if there's a way to lock out the center stand while it's on the dolly.

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For balance, if you don't want to remove the bags, could you put a similar weight up on the front of the tank, like where the ignition is? (Thinking like some sand in several plastic bags.)


As for coming off the center stand when pushing it forward- that sounds like a more serious issue. My bike takes some force to come off the stand. Are you sure the dolly is rolling freely, and not either getting caught up on its own wheels or on the surface of your floor?



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Yeah, I checked for all that. It's really just an issue of the force required to push the bike off the center stand is less that the force required to get all the caster wheels rolling in the same direction. It's actually a pretty nice product, and after some practice over the last couple hours, I've found that being careful and watching what I'm doing works for most situations. I just expected it to be the cure-all for daily storage and moving it around and found it's not quite that simple. I was just hoping somebody here had the same item and found a better method.

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I have had one for many many years. Some lessons learned.

1. old rutted, rough cement does not work. The casters are just not big enough. You really need a smooth floor. if your floor is rough at all, that is 85% of your problem


2. I had an 1100rt and you are correct with top case and side bags the rear is weighted just enough that the rear wheel touched. I am 6_5 and 280 lbs so I may have an advantage over you. However I put a 5/16 thick piece of plywood on the base of the dolly. When I lift the bike on the center stand both wheels are off the floor. However even with just 5/16 added it makes putting it on the center stand more effort. Again for me not a big issue.


3. Keep the casters well greased. I use a very heavy water resistant bearing grease. I make sure to grease the wheel and swivel area's twice a year. I use WD-40 to clean it out first.


4. I have a small aluminum rod that goes between the center stand and the bottom of the bike. That keeps the center stand locked. some people use a strap from the stand to the front wheel. I prefer the small rod. it goes in and comes out easily, but will keep the bike steady even in the garage.


my basement floor is much smoother than my garage floor. with these four steps it rolls smoothly and effortlessly in the basement. I little more struggle in the garage.

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Copy that Randy, Thanks for the input. I'll use that metal rod trick, I think that'll solve most of my issues.

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I had a fairly rough surface in my back yard but found that assisting the dolly to get moving in the right direction with my foot helped

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