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Fork Seal Replacement 06 1200RT

David Leonty

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David Leonty

As luck would have it, I popped a fork seal on my RT while away from the house. I've been able to secure parts, oil and tools to repair. What I do not have is access to my CD manual.

Can anyone please post the applicable pages from the manual or a link thereto? Being on the road, I don't want to take a chance on missing anything that might come back to haunt me down the road.


Many thanks in advance…..

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Morning David


That is a difficult thing to do on the 1200RT as the RepRom is not set up to copy pages. With the expandable menus & basic non page form about all you get to copy is the base menu. It would take forever to do screen capture's on all the menus & sub-menus then send those as decent resolution pictures.


Even then I can't post RepRom copy here as it is copyrighted so it is not legal for me to post on a public forum.


I did PM you an overview of the manual procedure (obviously it contains no sub menu's & condenses some of the finer details).


If you need anything specific just post here or PM me & will try to dig the needed data up for you.



Added: if you do get a RepRom copy be careful of the stated fork oil amount. Some of the manuals show .62 liter as the correct for the R 1200 RT -- that is INCORRECT.


The correct fork oil capacity for the R 1200 RT (K26) = 450 ml per fork.

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Can't post it, but the procedure is very simple:


Remove the handlebar to get access to the top of the fork,


Use a wrench under the fork bridge to hold the tube and remove the nut on top of the fork,


Remove the tiny vent screw at the top of the lower leg to allow the fork to vent while pulling the fork tube up out of the fork leg,


Remove the seal dust cover and retaining circlip to access the seal,


Pry the seal out without damaging the fork leg surfaces.


Reassembly is reverse, with the vent screw going in after the fork leg is inserted into the fork leg and re-attached to the fork bridge.

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