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2000 R1100RT oil cap woes


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A bit challenged. Had the oil changed at a dealer, noticed oil seepage from the cap when I returned home. Locking cap was on so tight I had to use a Vise grips (gently) to remove it.

I've changed the O ring - which had not been changed (they didn't have the part).

I cannot get the cap to seat/seal and wondering WHAT I am doing wrong. O Ring was #18, lock turns, I see nothing missing, but cap does not seat inside the filler neck.

Ideas welcome. Shall I rubber cork it until I return it to the dealer? 2000 R1100RT.

This must be something simple I am just missing. Never had trouble with it before when doing own oil changes. Same cap and key as always.

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Changed O ring size to 17 as spec. Seats but doesn't lock properly. Will obtain standard screw in cap. Rubber cork cannot withstand temperature produced so I won't use it. Every millimeter counts.

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Afternoon otan1


It' possible the original "O" ring is swelled up-- that can happen when the cap is removed & left out for a while due to additives in the engine oil.


The dealer might have allowed the cap to stay out for a long time (something you probably don't do when changing at home)


You might try removing the original "O" ring, then cleaning up real clean with brake clean, then put the cleaned "O" ring out in the sun for a few hours to dry & shrink.

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I'll do that - I appreciate your idea - thanks. The RT was purring at highway speed bringing it home. I want to solve this and get back onto the road!


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