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Wilbers Shocks


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I'm planing to lower my 2013 LC GS (70mm) using Ted Porter's BMW shop near SF. Has anyone done this, non-LC or otherwise and are you pleased with the results ?

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I had my '06 RT done by herman.usa in FL. Came out great, no complaints whatsoever! Highly recommended...


Same except an '03 GT.

Hermann great to work with.

Also did a refresh after 60k on them.

Again, excellent work. link

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I also had Herman at Wings and Wheels or whatever it's called, provide 50mm lowering for my 2011 GSA.


Very good to work with, he took a forwarded call while he was in Europe to assist with one of my installation questions. Product was as advertised. Worked very well.


If the GSA had cruise control, I'd still have it.

Liked it better than my '15.

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Yes...replaced worn out OEM with Wilber's, retaining ESA....at Ted's.....should have done it sooner. My sister in law lives close, so I trailered from Portland (with wife along) .

Terrific staff; all work done first rate;answered any/all my questions;completed within timeframe estimated.....I'll go again, maybe even with a new(er) bike. Note: if it matters to you, you might ask ahead about color of springs....mine came with orange, not quite compatible with the Rallye red, white, blue, but I'm used to it.

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