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Mismatch pilot 2 and pilot 4


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We'll I am 2 hours away from Missoula and YES I didn't know about the Bmw rally here, any how, my front tire doesn't look that great for the ride home to San Francisco so the local shop here has the pilots 4 in stock but they want $550 for the set plus $100 to install, My back tire, pilot 2, will be ok to get home and then get a cheaper pilot 4 online, do you think it's ok to mix and match just for the 1000 mile trip home?

I would stay for the rally but can not do, any one selling tires at the rally?

Any suggestions or does anyone know of a better place to get a tire in this area?

2004 r1150rt

As always thank you I don't post often but I read a lot of posts and have learned so much

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Michelin actually is on the vendor list - might be a good excuse to hit up the rally and probably save money on the tire and/or installation.


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Would be very unusual imho to have any issues with that. Sometimes a weird harmonic could come I suppose from an odd matchup of tire treads, but even that's probably just a far-fetched notion. I've heard people speak of that, but its never been an issue for me, and the only weird stuff that happens is unrelated to tire matchups, and more to do with the individual tire (my PR2 was loud up front, while the PR4 is not....for me. YMMV)


FWIW, I changed my rear to a PR3 while I had the PR2 up front, ran that for a year or so, then just changed the front to a PR4 (with the PR3 on back). Nothing to it, other than the normal "upgrade" you feel from the fresh rubber.


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Just a update, I got a front Pilot Road 4 from Maverick Motorsports, in Misssoula Mont. service was just great, nice place to sit and watch T.V. and read some motorcycle tour books. I came off the road, they fit me in, got the tire on my bike and off I went.

The BMW shop in town wanted $75 more, and wasn't sure if they could put the tire on that day.

Thanks for all the replies


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