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Sena 10 and Garmin 550 pairing


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So I got the 550 paired to the Sena. Both the GPS and the Sena acknowledge that they are pair. I paired the Sena as a phone.


But I get NO SOUND, thru the speakers. Neither turn by turn directions nor music.


I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong. I turned the Sena on and off and it automatically paired with the Garmin.


Any and all help greatly appreciated. :thumbsup:



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Just to be clear.


The headset audio works because I heard it say that I was paired with the Zumo. The Zumo shows it is conneccted to the headset.


The problem is lack of audio from the Zumo to the headset.

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Stupid is as stupid does.




I found the screen to direct the MP3 and directions to the headset. It had previously been set to Phone only.

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