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New RT-LC and GS-LC Shirts are available now


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Hey board members, a couple of weeks ago I was getting feedback on a new art project through my design firm, Roadwolf Design. Well, after a lot of going back and forth with some online responses and my vendor, I have a shirt sample signed off on and the site is up and running. Fernando said that it was fine to post a one time message when it was live, so here is the announcement:




I have done the RT-LC and GS-LC. The info on exactly the materials used for the shirts and sizing is on the site, as well as the ordering information and pricing. I won't post it here, but follow the link to get all your questions answered. And if you have more questions, just email me or pm me here. The picture above doesn't show all the options, so visit the site to see all the variations. Thanks and I hope you like them. The response since the launch this morning has been pretty amazing so far.




Roadwolf Design Shirts

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In for two, RT & GS! :thumbsup: Don't by chance have a Camhead GS in the works? This could get expensive wearing the wrong shirt you know. :D




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Yep, it is on the list of bikes to eventually do. I have had ALL sorts of requests, from the K75 to the F800GT/ST

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