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How much weight is too much...


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No not us riders, at least not me.


Just had the tires replaced on the RTW after 13k miles, very pleased with the PR4-GTs by the way. In more of a hurry than I should have been I didn't take stock of the amount of weight applied to the front wheel until arriving home. They are located opposite the TPM but this seems excessive, eight on both sides.



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36 30 - Motorcycle wheels

Permissible front-wheel imbalance max 5 g

Permissible rear-wheel imbalance max 25 g

Permissible rear-wheel balancing weight max 80 g

Permissible front-wheel balancing weight max 80 g


From the RepROM, 5th Edition, 2007. I doubt that it's changed much.


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Danny caddyshack Noonan

If mine, I would spend some time and evaluate taking that back and asking them to look for a different sweet spot. I'd probably pay up front just to encourage them to do their best job. Granted, the guy that did it might have already tried to find a happy place on that combination.

Tires are just too expensive now to not be worried. So, the tire itself could be odd.

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Remember that they can't use lead anymore. So it requires a lot more weights to achieve the same balance.


Afternoon Alfred


In the U.S. here only a few states have banned lead wheel weights. Some non-ban states have banned lead wheel weights on state or government owned-operated vehicles.



Most shops have switched over to non-lead weights but some (mostly independents) are still using up their stock of lead weights.


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Afternoon Kitsap



Are you sure they are steel weights, they look like Zinc in the picture.


In any case that looks like a LOT more than 6.67g (strange weight add-up for weights that usually come in .25g,.5g,.75g etc)


In any case, each (individual) weight should have it's weight cast into it's top surface so maybe look at the weights to see what they are.


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Guest Kakugo

Come around here and every single bike will look like that.

First lead was banned and later zinc. Now tyre shops can only use iron weights. To make matters worse, seems most manufacturers only offer weights in 5 and 10g formats.

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I like the good old days when even for the cast (Snowflake) wheels, BMW supplied reusable weights. They did for cars, too, but the latest wheel designs don't permit clipping on weights. You don't much see the weights that slid on to spokes of wire wheels, either. Anybody recycle stick-on weights? I rode an R100RS for 27 years, and it never had stick-on weights

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I haven't balanced a tire in over 100k miles.....I have yet to notice a difference in handling or tire wear from when I did.

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I have the TPS on my camhead and it looks like that as well. My weights are steel as well. I used a Marc Parnes balancer and thought something was odd at first but after double checking everything that's what it took to balance the wheel.

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