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New member and BMW owner


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Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm from Council Bluffs, Iowa (right across the river from Omaha). Been getting into motorcycling the last few years, dirt biking with my 12 year old, fixing up old bike and riding the streets my buddies. I picked up used but not abused r1100rt (106,000 miles) a month ago and have done a few short rides on it.


I received a right side peg plate from a great seller on eBay and yesterday got it bolted on. Took my wife for a ride and within a few miles the rear wheel started wobbling! Carefully rode back home (it got worse) and was just happy we made it. Hoping the lug nuts just need torqued back down but that was scary and surprising to me that they could just get loose like that all the sudden!


I want to address the "surge" and not wanting to idle but the PO gave me a rundown of what has been serviced and when and I think I can get quite a bit more miles out of it.



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Welcome. I think you will enjoy that RT.


I would, however, have a complete service done to that thing. If the rear wheel lugs weren't torqued correctly, I'd have to wonder about the rest of it. Plus, with surging and idle problems you already know you have some other issues (perhaps minor) that need to be looked at.



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Thanks and I think I will enjoy it also... I'm 6'7" and this is the closest thing to fitting me since I was 12 riding a yz80. I'm hoping to learn how to do most of my own servicing and learning about the bike to save money but also make sure it gets done properly.


I'm going to look over the rear wheel for sure and I started a thread as hoping to address tuning the bike.





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