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Just got the R1150RT


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and now I am looking for a good jacket for a TALL person and I seem to have the hardest time to find one. Can anyone steer me in the right direction..... Thanks so much

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A 3/4 length in tall might be a good start. I have a Tourmaster Sonora Air jacket in tall that fits me pretty well, but then I'm only 6'5". It's a 3/4 length and is plenty long...I think it would probably be long enough for you but I don't know about the sleeve length. Several of the jacket manufacturers sell tall sizes, check some of the vendors, like Revzilla, many of them will give fit advice over the phone.


Aerostich will custom fit their gear, I believe, but they're pretty pricey.


I can find jackets that fit pretty easily, it's boots that I have problems with...I wear something like a 14EEEEEEEEE.

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A winter type jacket that has been around forever and comes in "talls" is the First Gear Kiliminjaro. (Also big sizes)

My favorite.


First Gear also makes summer mesh jackets in talls.


MarkAZ, The old brand Oxtar (now TCX) boots run wide. I am a 13 or 14 wide and can wear them comfortably.

If you also have fat calves like me, there is a work around I can tell you about if you PM me.

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For a "no expenses spared" approach, run up to the Aerostich factory and try on their stuff. They'll get you fitted up and you'll love it. (I usually ride in a R-3 suit from them.)


For a more reasonable budget option, run over to Bob's Cycle (http://www.bobscycle.com/) since they're local to us. They have a ton of stuff for you to try on and competitive prices.


I'm 6'5" and 290 pounds. I'm wearing a Tourmaster Intake 3.0 (2XL Tall) for daily commuting on hot days. The sleeves are actually long enough for me! Quite a miracle there. It fits well and is comfortable in hotter weather with all the liners removed. (It has a rain liner and a cold weather liner that are both removable.)


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